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When looking for the best forex broker on the internet to suit your particular needs, the first consideration will always be whether or not you feel comfortable entrusting the broker with your trading capital.

Furthermore, if a broker you are considering doing business with has a generally poor reputation among its clients or is not overseen by one of the major regulatory agencies, then you would be well advised to consider looking elsewhere for the brokers that the retail forex market has to offer.

Some of the top forex brokers in terms of their trustworthiness and reputation are eToro, Easy Forex and AvaFX. To set up an account with them in order to start trading currencies, you typically just need to visit their website, select an account type, fill out a form and provide suitable documentation.

Once the account has been opened, you will then need to fund it. This can usually be done via bank wire transfer or credit card payment, although even Paypal funds can be used in some cases.

Here is a short description of these leading brokers, to help you get to know them a little bit better:

eToro - Ideal for Absolute Beginners or Forex Dilettantes

Many people who are new to trading the foreign exchange market or who are not really serious about becoming full time traders are considering opening up accounts for the very first time. One of the best online brokers for such traders is eToro.

Entry level traders might find the educational materials and the simplistic, yet rather entertaining, graphical trading interface offered by eToro to be helpful as they hone their trading skills and set about developing a consistently profitable trade plan for themselves. Furthermore, those who are less committed to forex trading might enjoy the games offered by the broker.

Of course, they might want to graduate to using a broker that offers a more professional and traditional style of trading platform once their initial training and trade plan development phase has concluded. Nevertheless, more experienced traders still might find some of the market commentary provided by eToro useful, and they can always have a little fun watching eToro’s graphical platform that features games and currency symbols competing against each other.

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Easy Forex - One of the Best Brokers for Novices

Another internet forex broker that has developed a good reputation among retail traders for helping those new to forex trading get started on the right foot is Easy Forex. Like eToro, Easy Forex provides its clients with extensive training materials and good customer support aimed primarily at novices.

One of the advantages of Easy Forex over eToro is that Easy Forex introduces novices gently to a more professional style trading platform so that they can more easily adapt to using just about any broker’s forex trading platform as their trading skills advance.

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AvaFX - Suitable for All Trading Levels

Many traders consider AvaFX to be one of the top online brokers since their trading platform is both simple enough for beginners to use, as well as sufficiently sophisticated for trading experts to appreciate its features.

Another major advantage of AvaFX is that its platform permits a broader based trader to monitor and take positions in a variety of financial instruments, as well as the major currency pairs. For example, AvaFX allows you to trade commodities like oil and gas, precious metals, sugar and cotton, as well as major stock indexes like the DJIA, the S&P500, the FTSE100, the DAX40, the CAC30, the Italian MIB index, and the Nikkei 225.

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Best way to learn the trends in currency markets is to follow-up on latest News before taking any trading action.

Forex Trading News

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The Greenback to Drive The EUR/USD

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ECB Minutes to Drive The EUR/USD

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The EUR/USD Under Pressure

The EUR/USD was in freefall last Friday, thanks in the most part to a big rally in the USD. The Greenback got a boost from some strong GDP figures and the bulls took control. The EUR/USD sank below the 1.1500 level, before taking on 1.1400 and is now f...

Trade Wars Hanging Over the EUR/USD

The EUR/USD has been falling quite sharply in the last week. And for the most part, it has been thanks to a strong USD. However, it appears there are still concerns around the US-China trade wars, which might well weigh on the USD this week. Read More ...

Central Banks Again Drive the EUR/USD

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